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Army or artillery astrolabe compass in wooden case. Case army gray-green colors with steel handles on top and sides for easy transport, front closed by two hooks. Ring of the astrolabe with degree graduations connected with a Central spire which is a glazed silver dial with magnetized arrow. Dial security concealed screw top stainless steel lid. The dial has the mark in the form of an Imperial double-headed eagle mark of the manufacturer - "W. Schwabe, Moscow," printed letters, indicating the direction of the world. Included in box are 4-d target steel strap and four fasteners, to install them. The device is fully functional.
Size of box: 26.5 x 26.5 cm

An excellent state of condition.
Guarantee of authenticity

The astrolabe (from the Greek. ἁστρολάβον, astrolabe, "taker of stars") is a device for determining latitude, one of the oldest astronomical instruments. Based on the principle of stereographic projection.

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