The tunic is made of quality thick woolen fabric olive green. Collar shirts, narrow, erect, with a buckle on two gilded shaped buttons with embossed image of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire. Front slit tunic with open placket with snap closure for a further three shaped buttons. The bottom strap triangular ends of the valve from the line. Chest patch pocket with trehmetrovye valves, with a buckle on one shaped button. Sleeves - double-seam, two assemblies at the edge of the cuffs. Cuffs fastened with two shaped buttons. On the right sleeve one button is missing. Front and back are not narrowed to the belt and stitched right. On the shoulders of installed hexagonal shoulder straps with an invoice of the army emblem and four sitime stars - insignia corresponding to the rank of captain troops automotive RIA. Shoulder straps were kept wrapped in a tunic, from which on the chest of the traces of red color on the contour edges of the shoulder straps.
Very well kept.

The original.

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