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Coat (cloak) General guards infantry division, made from high quality grey-blue smooth cloth. Cut double-breasted coat, with a buckle on two rows of six convex gilt armorial buttons. The upper edge of the bead coat goes over the edge of the collar. The soft collar, stand-up-turn-down, fastened at one hook sewn at the base of the collar. The sleeveless round, straight cuffs. Laterally, below the waist, with each side there are Welt pockets, closed with a rectangular valves with bonded corners. Left pocket has a through hole for wearing checkers. On the back of the back of the coat, the collar laid two folds, descending down, and converging on the belt. Back strap with rounded ends at the waist is missing . On the floor behind a placket with four small armorial buttons on one side and loops on the other. Red General's cloth edging runs along the edges of the collar on both sides to the bottom floor, on top of the cuffs, pockets around the side flaps, the rear section. The lining coat of the red guards of the hall. The original collar red stitched buttonholes with white piping. The signs on the tanks lost. There are multiple traces of the existence and latkes.
Coat was used in theatrical productions and requires restoration.
Good preservation.

The original.

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