Rare white uniform tunic of an officer of the cavalry regiment made of traditional quality with a white cloth. The tunic is single-breasted, ploughed in one row of nine silvered buttons embossed with early emblem of the Russian Empire. Collar high, erect, red with silver patinated sewing, fastens with three steel hook. On the shoulders of well-preserved loops to attach an epaulette. On the left side of the chest on the second level buttons have loops for awards. The edge of a Board of uniform edged in red embroidery. Sleeve cuffs are also red, narrow, slightly expanded with two silver coils and two shaped buttons on each. The back of the tunic trecchina, cavalry with tails two-button without emblem. The edges of the incision and backrest edged with wide strips of red fabric. The tunic is equipped with the original officer's silver belt-scarf with both hands. The uniform small size.Good preservation.The original.

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