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The book by Dietmar Pohl tells about the history of tactical combat knives - from their origin at the beginning of the XX century, during both world wars, the wars in Korea and Vietnam and up to the present day.
Dietmar Paul, head of the design and marketing department of the company "Boker Baumwerk" (Boker Baumwerk) has been enthusiastically collecting tactical combat knives for almost two decades. Many of his combat and ordinary knives are used in Germany by special units of the police, customs service and exported to many countries of the world. The design of the Speedlock knife with a switchblade testifies to the technical diversity of its developments. His book "Tactical Combat Knives" was written after many years of careful preparation and attracted the attention of military specialists, historians and collectors.
The book describes about 200 different models of knives, describes the possibilities of their use and the materials used for the manufacture of knives.

Publisher: Omega, 2007
Author: Dietmar Paul
ISBN: 978-5-93209-813-4
Hardcover, 191 pages.
Dimensions: 253x195 mm

The book is used, but in very good condition.

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