Straight blade with a pronounced Central rib, chrome, without stamps. Traditionally, the handle is made of yellow plastic, the head of the handle is decorated with floral ornament invoice and a five-pointed star. Lower sleeve with button and lock holding the dagger in its sheath. The steel scabbard covered with black chrome on the front of the mouth of the engraved arms of the USSR. Inside on the metal parts are present Assembly stigma as each instance of Dirk developed, engraved and assembled manually.
Perhaps this is the biggest approved samples Soviet Dirks - apparently, its size was to symbolize the power of the red Army.
The dagger belonged to the major General aviation, Perfilieva Mikhail Ivanovich, photos and ID which are included in the lot. Major General aviation Perfiliev Mikhail Ivanovich (1889-1972) during WWII, the air force commander of the Volga military district.
The size of 22.3 x 26,6 cm and 11.2 x 17.5 cm
An excellent state of preservation.

Total length - see 43,6
Blade length 33 cm

The original.

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