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The blade is steel, of slight curvature, single-edged, with one wide dale. The combat end is double-edged. Stamped stamps are placed on the heel of the blade: on the one hand, the brand of the manufacturer with the year of issue - "Zlatoust O. F. 1930", on the other hand, acceptance stamps are placed. The hilt consists only of the handle. The handle handle is wooden with longitudinal inclined grooves. The head of the handle is forked with a hole for a strap, decorated with a cartouche with the image of a five-pointed star with a hammer and sickle, the letters "S.S.S.R." are applied on top. At the bottom of the handle there is a sleeve with a factory stamp - "H". The hilt and handle device is brass. The scabbard is wooden, covered with black leather and varnished. The scabbard device consists of a mouth, a nut and a tip. To fasten the belt on the mouth from the inside there is a bracket, and a ring on the nut. The checker is equipped with a leather strap.

The total length is 94.5 cm .
The length of the blade is 81 cm .

The safety is good.

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