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Circle Highest military Aeronautics school in Petrograd. Polustrovo porcelain factory Petrograd glass-porcelain trust of the RSFSR. 1922 On the bottom of the Cup overglaze printed mark Polyustrovo Petersburg porcelain factory glass-porcelain trust the RSFSR brown. The porcelain. Height 99 mm Safety almost perfect. On the mug depicts the emblem of the Supreme military Aeronautics school: winged balloon in the background of a five-pointed red star, below - abbreviation: "WWS". On the opposite side of the date: "1917 1922 V" (figure V superimposed on the emblem of the "hammer and sickle"), and below the inscription around the circumference in three lines: "25 OCTOBER / From the Board Petrosellini. / trust". On the sides of the mug - gilt lettering obliquely on the left - "In Memory" right "Caldesia". Higher military aeronautic school (WVVS) with a training period of 2 years was established June 2, 1920 by converting Soviet aeronautical command courses. When the school was established courses Junior specialists, a detachment of tethered balloons and the Department of managed balloons. Since 1924 VWS began to prepare pilots and mechanics airships. The last edition took place in October 1925, after which it ceased to exist and was completely disbanded.

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