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The unique bronze figure of Marshal Kliment Efremovich Voroshilov is a three-dimensional image of the military commander in full growth. The silhouette of the marshal is deployed in half a turn, he is dressed in a raincoat, a cap with a star on his head, high boots on his feet. In his left hand, the figure holds field binoculars, the right one is slightly behind his back, gloves are clenched in it, the marshal's gaze is directed into the distance. The author perfectly managed to convey the dynamics of the movement, the marshal seemed to have taken his binoculars away from his eyes only a few seconds ago, having examined the columns of Red Army soldiers. The facial features and clothes are qualitatively worked out, the figure of Voroshilov is guessed in the silhouette. The sculptor's signature "Kozlov" is placed on the pedestal.
A rare example of Soviet bronze sculpture of the first half of the XX century. Most likely, this sculpture decorated a military institution in the office or in the front room of a military school.
Height: 60 cm

The safety is good.

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