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Amazing scale model of a light wheeled-Guseinov tank "BT-5" made in 1933-1934, on the order of the red army in the same factory that produced these war machines, as a visual model for the study of their devices cadets tank schools of the red army. Using the original drawings of tanks and skills gained in their production, the creators were able to achieve the most essential similarities in the design of the hull. All parts are carefully machined steel on the machine and are perfectly fitted to each other, the roller tracks are equipped with dampers, the track consists of polupodvizhnym steel tracks, the turret rotates 90 degrees, the coating mimics the texture of the armor. In the 1970s, this model was transferred to the film Studio "Mosfilm", where he actively used in the mock-up shooting (if a reduced copy plays the role of a full-sized original), for example in the first part of a two-part film "High rank"("Mosfilm" 1973) in a scene dedicated to the battle of Khalkhin-Gol and in the joint film "Mosfilm" and "Mangakino" - "Little party".

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