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Volume 1 is in the second edition. Three years have passed since the publication of the catalog 'Obverse No. 5 (I)`. Almost all prices for all items in it have not just increased, but have become completely different. Only a completely new price situation in the antique market forced the author to revise and supplement this book. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are fewer and fewer collectibles, especially of the average price up to $200-300. They are clearly being bought up, as they have risen in price the most and continue to rise rapidly. So, for example, the price of the ordinary Order of the Red Banner of the USSR has increased to $ 60 and this is clearly far from the limit. How long has it been worth $15-20? This tendency to a sharp jump in prices for all Russian antiques over the past three years can be traced in all sections of the revised book. Therefore, do not be surprised by these new unusual prices and draw the appropriate conclusions. Prices for Russian antiques continue to grow rapidly (up to 100% per year) and there is currently no better investment of funds. Prices for antiques.

Author: Krivtsov V. D.
Publisher: M. Pomatur. 2004.,
Hardcover, dust jacket, 464 pages.
Dimensions: 125 x 195 mm

The book is used, the condition is new.

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