The authors ravens V., Shishkin A. Published in 2005. Volume 288 pages In the first book chronologically traced all the changes of uniforms, insignia and equipment of the personnel of organs of state security, border and internal security of the people's Commissariat of internal Affairs of the USSR in the period from July 1934 to 1937. However, n comneno, the study of uniforms and symbols of the people's Commissariat of internal Affairs is impossible without knowledge of the history Department. So the book focuses on the organizational structure, as well as people who held important positions in the NKVD during the period under review. The whole book is based on archival documents that trace the development of various uniforms since the formation of the NKVD of the USSR and the introduction of a fundamentally new kind of uniforms to go to the uniforms of the army. The majority of archival materials that had not been used in the press. The book contains more than 800 color illustrations, including 280 photographs of the era, as well as more than 130 photographs of original items of uniforms and equipment from the Museum and private collections, many of which are also published for the first time. The photographs are complemented by the author's illustrations and historical reconstructions. The edition contains research reference information contains personal notes and indices.

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