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The camera gun scouts of the NKVD "fed" to fotoritocco with ground observation points, carried out by fast large-scale survey of distant objects with the hands, from the butt, without the need for stands or tripods has a sequence number No. 1119, made in 1944 Krasnogorsk Mechanical plant, as evidenced by the emblem in the form of a sickle, hammer and star on the characteristic quadrangular "the stand", depicted on the left side of the steel. The device is a camera No. 65838 issued by Trudkommuna NKVD UkrSSR them. F. E. Dzerzhinsky ("fed"), , Kharkov lens "GOYIM" 4,5/300, mounted on a wooden bed a rifle-type with umykanija with the trigger the shutter. There is no overlay on the viewfinder. For the convenience of wearing the device is equipped with a white shoulder strap. The mechanism is fully functional. Optics require cleaning and care. The camera gun judging by the number refers to one of the first editions and was allegedly used by the military intelligence officer of the NKVD.
Good preservation.

The original.

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А сколько стоит эта модель на сегоднишний день

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