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Pennant to the fanfare of the "higher border school of the NKVD troops". It is made of two halves - the front of maroon velvet and the back of green silk fabric, sewn together and framed on the three outer edges of a thick thin gilded fringe. The color of the front side of the pennant is matched to the instrument color of the NKVD troops (maroon) and the reverse side to the instrument color of the border troops.
In the Central part of the front side there is an image of the first anniversary badge of the VCheKa-GPU V (5 years dervice), in the form of an oval base with a sword pointing down, a hammer and sickle crossed, a ribbon with the abbreviation of the organization's name and dates - "1917-1922". All elements of the coat of arms are hand-embroidered in very high quality using metallic threads of different colors, which gives the image a sense of volume. Above and below the coat of arms are abbreviations of the name of the educational institution - "V. P. U. V. NKVD", embroidered in the same way as the coat of arms. Under the embroidered letters, you can see traces of earlier embroidery - "L. Sh. P. O." (Leningrad border guard school) and "O. G. P. U.". on the reverse silk side of the pennant is a five-pointed star embroidered in the same style with a silver hammer and sickle.

The pennant is decorated in a thin Golden frame with double-sided glass, with the possibility of mounting on the wall on both sides.

Pennant size: 50x43 cm (without frame)

Good safety.
Very rare.
Guarantee of authenticity.

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Сергей Гаврилов 01.07.2020 в 14:28

Указаны размеры вымпела

Частный коллекционер 14.02.2020 в 15:14

Добрый день, подскажите, размеры указаны рамки или вымпела?
Благодарю, Андрей К.

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