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Practically unique subject - "the Challenge prize for summer team shooting gupo (the General Directorate of border guard) and the OGPU troops of the North Caucasus Military district, 1924". Is a silver plate weighing more than a pound with dimensions of 25 x 21 cm very basis decorated with relief images of soldiers firing rifles, and engraved the motto: "the OGPU watchful sentry proletarian state", "the USSR's own sharpshooter". The plate has holes around the edges: it is clearly a premium attached to the folder or other basis.
Plate decorated with enamel plates with the coat of arms of the USSR and the miscellaneous inscriptions. The coat of arms and part of the inscriptions professionally restored in our time, that does not diminish the value of the subject: not only that rewards the OGPU almost never occur in today's antique market, the plate is a unique, custom made artistic product. A real decoration of any professional collection.

The original.

You can pay in installments.

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