Steel helmet manufactured by stamping from metal and is spherical in shape. For mounting podolanova device (liner) used three rivets (one on the left, right and back sides of the dome). The liner has a dome shape, izgotovlen of fabric, framed in the bottom of a strip of leather. Mount the mask sheet is carried out to the steel Hoop, which in turn is fixed to the surface of the helmet by three rivets. The chin strap is white leather with steel square buckle. Helmet painted in olive color and has minor wear. On the inner side of the helmet in the occipital part of the around the lower edge of the stamped manufacturer's - "Growth 3", year of manufacture -"1939".On the front of the dome is perfectly preserved original red five-pointed star with hammer and sickle in the center.

The safety is good.
The guarantee of authenticity.


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