Steel helmet 1917 (M17 Sohlberg) with well-preserved original paint coating has the original hemispherical shape located at the bottom across the diameter of the large sloping fields, taking the form of a visor in front and in the back of the helmet shell. At the highest point of the helmet shell is a small round vent hole covered by a pickguard replacement original pyramidal shape. This "Cup" is attached to the helmet shell with 3 rivet, with one lobe facing forward and two sideways and backwards. At the bottom of the front, the occipital and lateral parts of the hemispheres of the helmet are arranged sequentially rivets (two on each side) used for mounting podolanova the device to the inside of the helmet shell. Also in lateral (left and right) parts of the helmet shell, on sloping fields, there are two rivets, used for fastening chin strap to the inside of the helmet shell. The liner is made from canvas fabric and has a dome shape. The size of the cap is regulated by means of a cord located at the top of the dome. Podbrozny leather strap with a sliding buckle framework riveted to the rectangular loops, the holders of which are welded inside the hood. Aluminium corrugated strips, installed between the helmet and liner for ventilation and shock absorption.

The safety is good.
The guarantee of authenticity.

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