Steel helmet manufactured by stamping from metal and is spherical in shape. The design of the SSH-40 is different from predydushimi model, the SSH-39, used botulinum device, more simple and strong. Hence, their main external difference is that in SSH-40 for fastening podolanova the device was used six rivets in SSH-39 — three. Petulance the device consists of three parts-the"petals" made from the PU which is at the top of the helmet are connected with drawstring designed for adjustment for wearing comfort. On the inner side of each petal is a cushioning pad made of wool. Podbrozny canvas strap consists of two parts-halves that are attached to the rings on the sides of the helmet. One of the parts at the free end has a sliding buckle; the other half is compressed semi-circular metal frame. On the inner side of the sphere there is a bad read of the mark of the manufacturer. The dome of the helmet is covered with the original paint coating of khaki with a touch of fading. There are slight traces of existence.

The safety is good.
The guarantee of authenticity.

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Частный коллекционер 21.06.2020 в 00:29

Добрый день. Можно дополнительные фото. Особенно выбитого штампа. И мастичного штампа с годом выпуска. Обратную сторону подушек подшлема. Ремень подробнее, и ширина  ремня.

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