Helmet designed to provide head protection of a person from possible wounds by bullets at bombardment from following types of weapons: pistols PM of calibre of 9,0 mm, mm, 6.35 caliber pistols and 5.6 mm, TT pistol of 7.62 mm with a distance of 5 meters, as well as the impact of shrapnel (ball weight 1 g V 50% no less 700 m/C). The helmet reduces the dynamic loadings arising at influence of the above means of destruction.
Structurally, the helmet consists of a protective shell, providing protection of frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal parts of the human head, bullet-proof visor (gun PW), ensuring the protection of persons and internal equipment. Internal gear helmet (restraint system, belts, a regulator of a tension) is intended for deduction on a head and absorption of dynamic influence of bullets and splinters on a head of a man during the shelling. The design of a helmet provides installation of internal equipment to the size of a human head from 54 to 62.
Includes extra visor and a fabric cover.
Slight traces of existence.

Main technical data and features:
Protection class according to GOST R 50744-95 - 2
Class protection bulletproof visor according to GOST R 50744-95 - 1
The area is protected, the size is 1/2 sq. inch not less than 13,6/14,0
The geometric dimensions of helmet size 1/2 mm: 210х260х235/210х266х255
Interval of working temperatures, °C from -40 to +50
The helmet weighs without packaging bags, size 1/2 kg - 2,2±0,1/2,4 ±0,1

Size: 59

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