Unique uniforms of major-General in 1943 consists of: main entrance of the uniform with epaulets. 1943, caps and trousers.
Uniform steel color, single-breasted, with six gilt buttons. The standing collar is stiff, the top edge of the collar embroidered with gold double edge. The front ends of the collar across its width with gold Laurel branches. Straight cuffs with red piping on the upper edge, and three Golden reels(columns). Rear in the skirt of the uniform has slit wrap two pocket valve and four buttons. The edges of the valves covered with red cloth edging. Shoulders installed the original gold plated one shoulder straps with embroidered major General's silver star. On the left breast there are loops for awards. Jacket together with pants-breeches found in regional theatre in 1990-ies.
Cap made of high quality wool fabric steel color. On the sides there is a metal enamel badge. The band is made of red velvet and embroidered with gold pattern. The pattern is embroidered with gilded thread. The upper edge of the rim has a red cloth edging, similar to the cloth edging on the crown cap. The visor is fiberboard, black, with double-sided varnishing. Above the canopy is in two rows of twisted gilt filigree cord attached at the ends by two metal buttons small size. Each button depicts the state emblem of the USSR.
Front pants made of the fabric steel-colored cloth with red General stripes. Front trousers fasten at the fly with 4 buttons and a steel hook. Sides two sides two split pockets and one rear with a triangular clipname button.
A rare example of uniforms used by Charter the military in a very small period of time from 1943 to 1945.
There are slight traces of existence.


The guarantee of authenticity.

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