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The complete uniform consists of a shirt and breeches of an officer of the NKVD troops. Cotton tunic altered tunic sample 1937 ,with a soft stand-up collar, fastened with two shaped buttons small size with white undercollar. Front slit tunic covered placket and has an open zipper on three small shaped buttons. The tunic has two square chest pockets. Sleeves - double-seam, with four folds at the bottom, with a buckle on two small shaped buttons. There is no piping on the sleeves.
Breeches. 1935 made of dark blue cloth with narrow crimson edging from the outside of each thigh skinny leg. Waist high Seating position, covered with a dark fabric on the outside and a thin grey-brown fabric on the inside. The back side under the belt rasplagaetsya two horizontal loops for additional regulation of the height and width of the landing. From the front side under the belt are two internal pockets, one hour pocket. The pants close with five buttons and one hook. On the knees of the pants sewn stylized pentagonal patch. The lining has a stamp- "the Ensemble of the NKVD. Costume" embroidered in red thread manually holder's name - "Cooper" and the signature blue pen -"Chernyshev". There are slight traces of repair.
Good preservation.

The original.

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