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Combined coat-coat type "Reglan" mod. 1935 senior and middle command personnel composition of the bodies and of the land forces of the NKVD, casual, wool impregnated fabric dark gray, with a fold-over collar with open lapels or buttoned up to the top. Coat cotton lined with a waterproof gasket between the top coat and lining has on each side four loops and large shaped buttons. On the right side to cover the top edge of the left side is a large flap of triangular shape sewn into the base in the side of the shoulder seam and seam of collar. Free top of the valve, toward the side of the chest, has a loop, which fastens with a button of small size, sewn on the left side of the coat. At the left end of the lower podvorotnya is triangular valve-turntable with slightly concave sides and with the top facing down. On the corners of the valve are located at one loop, through which it is fastened with buttons size small, sewn on the ends of the lower collar and the seam of the left end of the collar on Board. From the sides of the cloak has one longitudinal pocket is slightly tilted forward at the top. The back of the cloak stitched, a wide, straight, slightly flared, without folds, split ends, beginning below the waist. The floor of cloak — no undercuts in the sides. Slot back fastens with two buttons through loops in a special valve. Waist is a belt made of main material hanging from two belt loops sewn on lower ends on both seams of the coat. On the inside of the collar hemmed cloth label with pleiocytosis the name of the factory-manufacturer. A subject of the uniform of the NKVD.

The safety is good.
The guarantee of authenticity.

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